Wellcome from the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

Consolidating and developing local industry in connection with sustainable mobility and energy storage is a priority for Gipuzkoa and forms part of the strategic commitments we are making within the framework of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz programme. Gipuzkoa has globally relevant motivating enterprises and technology and research centers that are at the forefront in this field, together with associations and entities working to drive industry, research and training in systems and technologies.

The Go Mobility exhibition will help position Gipuzkoa and its industry in an area with tremendous potential, but first and foremost it will enable European companies to showcase their advances and innovations in sustainable mobility and energy storage. In short, it will pave the way for our continued progress towards the industry of the future, which in coming years will provide all citizens with quicker, safer and more sustainable mobility in their neighborhoods and towns.

Markel Olano Arrese

Deputy General
of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

Wellcome from the Basque Government

The Basque Government supports the introduction of electric vehicles in the Basque Country as a way of improving transport energy efficiency and creating new business opportunities in local industry. The region is also home to some of the flagship companies in the Mobility, Logistics and Intelligent Transport Systems sector, which accounts for to 30% of the GDP and is a particularly innovative industry, competitively positioned in the value chain on a European and world level. The GO MOBILITY exhibition showcases this growing sector, which covers a range of businesses from vehicle production and power distribution to recharge infrastructures, maintenance and an extensive supplier network.

We have made firm progress on the transition to electric mobility for both public and private transport, with pioneering start-up experiences like the Smart Electric Bus service in Vitoria-Gasteiz and San Sebastián-Donostia, adding new recharging stations to the network and studying improvements to energy storage or batteries. This work forms part of the 3E2030 energy strategy and the Sustainable Transport Master Plan (PDTS2030) promoted by the Basque Government with the aim of reducing energy consumption and moving towards a more electricity-based model for both passenger and goods transport, a sustainable mobility model backed by an experienced industrial fabric that will place us at the forefront of technology.

Arantxa Tapia

Regional Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures
Basque Government