If you’re a user of public or private sustainable mobility and energy storage products and services, Go Mobility has a lot to offer you.

What does GO MOBILITY offer visitors?

It showcases the sustainable mobility and energy storage products and services available on the market, together with their technical features and associated business models.

It identifies sustainable mobility and energy storage solutions of interest to investors.

It directly interacts with benchmark companies, institutions, technology centres and universities at EU level, to validate their sustainable mobility strategies.

It seeks leading industrial companies to highlight the value of their products and solutions.

It discovers start-ups with highly innovative products, services and solutions.

It learns from the actual experiences of European cities that have carried out benchmark urban sustainable mobility projects.

It seeks allies, partners and funding to define and deploy innovative projects.

In short, Go Mobility will offer you a representative sample of solutions you can apply at your own organisation or company or in your city.

Who visits Go Mobility?

Management and those responsible for purchasing, production, construction and R&D of companies, institutions and organisations that are active and see opportunities in relation to sustainable mobility and energy storage.

Passenger, goods and waste operators.

Public infrastructure contractors

Vehicle retail establishments and repair shops

Clusters that drive the competitiveness of the industrial fabric related to the field of electrical and sustainable mobility and storage

Political and technical representatives of communities and towns in their capacity as managers of urban transport, public works, information systems and urban maintenance

Civil engineering and architecture companies

Engineering and ICTs

Investment networks and venture capital

Ancillary industry in search of new business opportunities

Infrastructure management companies aimed at the end user (shopping centres, car park managers, property management…)

Services to facilitate the creation of new innovative companies

Public and private fleet managers

Energy suppliers (electrical, service stations)

Taxi operating companies, shared vehicle services and local transport and distribution.

Universities and vocational training centres aimed at training new professionals


Go Mobility has organised a Hosted Buyers programme to encourage specialist visitors.

For more information, please contact the organisers at


GO MOBILITY is a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the creation of business alliances. The exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to interact in different areas:


Keynote presentations by the main speakers in each field. Top speakers and panels will offer their perspective on the development and future of the sustainable mobility and energy storage industry.


Visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to connect with experts attending the event. Participating in the Matchmaking provides direct access to managers and researchers from key industry companies interested in exchanging information and knowledge in order to shape the sustainable transport of the future