The Poster Area is a space for exhibiting posters explaining European Sustainable Mobility Projects to visitors.
There will be a project manager at each poster to provide visitors with the precise information on each Project. These meetings will enable high-value partnerships to be formed for Sustainable Mobility.



All projects will be presented by a representative.

When: Wednesday, 11th March.
Where: Pabillion 3
Time Poster
10:00h – 10:15h CIVITAS PORTIS
10:20h – 10:35h SEAFUEL
10:40h – 10:55h AEROFLEX
11:00h – 11:15h LEMO
11:20h – 11:35h MEISTER H2020
11:40h – 11:55h HARMONY
12:00h – 12:15h Automost
12:20h – 12:35h eMovLab
12:40h – 12:55h CAR – Creating Automotive Renewal
13:00h – 13:15h INFRAMIX
15:00h – 15:15h CarE SERVICE
15:20h – 15:35h TMaaS
15:40h – 15:55h SHARE-North
16:00h – 16:15h Matchup Project
16:20h – 16:35h SPROUT
16:40h – 16:55h GHOST
17:00h – 17:15h EVOLVE
17:20h – 17:35h ACHILES