The second Go Mobility fair will be held on 11 and 12 March at Ficoba, as established today at the first meeting of the Technical Committee of this flagship exhibition in Southern Europe. This fair, the first of which was successfully held in November last year, will focus on the new, environmentally friendly, safe, accessible and connected mobility of the future.

The Technical Committee of Go Mobility, chaired today by the regional director of Innovation, Antton Tomasena, includes representatives from public institutions, companies, technology centres and associations linked to sustainable mobility and energy.

This trade exhibition, part of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz programme of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, was held last year with excellent participation levels under the title Go Mobility – The Basque New Mobility Exhibition, bringing together a total of 70 exhibitors and 2,150 professionals who tackled the challenges of future mobility and who had the opportunity to discover the latest solutions in this field. While the first event, which took place in 2018, focused on sustainable mobility and energy storage, this second event will address the mobility of the future from a broader perspective that calls for environmentally friendly, safe, accessible and connected mobility.

Go Mobility has set its sights on becoming a leading event in Southern Europe for all the participants in the sustainable and intelligent mobility value chain, as well as becoming a meeting point to stimulate high added-value exchanges, drive innovative projects and promote the industrial transformation of the region. The fair has already begun its marketing campaign and the first exhibitors have already begun to sign up

At the same time, this trade exhibition is part of Gipuzkoa’s strategy for industrial development in electric mobility, developed in a participatory way among more than 40 stakeholders, companies, technology centres and institutions related to mobility and energy, it is divided into three strategic areas focused on promoting industrial and technological development, developing infrastructures and capabilities to respond to new needs, and positioning the region in the field of electric mobility and energy storage.